Saturday, 31 December 2016

Half Price Store Card Sale Extended to 1st January

Seems you guys can't get enough of the HALF PRICE Store cards this past week.  So I am going to let you have another day of half price cards, which means half price everything if you use a card to buy from the Main Store


Friday, 23 December 2016

30L Saturday And It's On Until Monday!

KiX is in this weekends special 3 day 30L$ Saturday, which starts on Friday,  with 3 items reduced to 30 L$ and a gift to grab. The monthly raffle is for a 1000L$ store card, the Feel My Sack Hunt gift to find AND we also have half price on gift cards.  It's a Merry Christmas at KiX this weekend.

Friday, 16 December 2016

KiX - Busy Weekend

As we see out the end of 2016 we are pleased to announce our participation in two events this weekend.
On Sunday at 5 pm slt is a Hollywood Media Christmas presented by The SL Enquirer and The Hollywood Ballroom. KiX is pleased to have been invited to sponsor one of the prizes. More details HERE

On Saturday we are taking part in our first 30L$ Saturday event and more details on that HERE

For this event three items from the Aura Collection will be available for 24 hours priced at 30L$

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 
from Cindy and Ki 

Monday, 5 December 2016

KiX - News for December

Holiday Season has started and we have been busy leading up to it.  Since moving to our own sim we have been furiously working on a new store building.  Visit the new building

We are also in the Feel My Sack Hunt which starts today Monday 5th December with  a Naughty Christmas Wreath for you to find in the store. 

We also had the release of the The Aura Living Room Collection which has been flying off the shelves and we are working on more items to fit in with this collection ready for 2017.  
Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and we will see you in the New Year with more original creations from KiX

Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Aura Living Room Collection

The Aura Living Room Collection is a coordinated range of stylish mesh furniture in a Bauhaus style. Revel in sleek chrome, luxurious leather and polished wood and buying the collection v's individual items will save you over 600 L$ for the adult version and over 500 L$ for the PG version. The sofa, chair, footstool and rug are all texture change giving you the option to mix and match colours.

*Release date Friday 25th November and available at half price during the main store Black Friday Weekend Event.

Showing the collection in onyx
Aura Living Room Collection

The texture change menu includes onyx, ivory, chocolate, raspberry, sapphire and pistachio leather.
Texture Change

Texture change sofa containing KiX original and exclusive animations and props.
Texture Change Sofa

Texture change armchair containing KiX original and exclusive animations and props.
Texture Change Armchair

Texture change footstool containing KiX original and exclusive animations and props
Texture Change Footstool

Two wall lamps in left and right sided versions and a floor lamp. The on/off script includes options to change colour and light intensity.Aura Change Lamps

Also included is a Laccio style table and a 7 texture change rug.
See Inworld

Matching shelf unit with books and ginger jar.
Shelf Unit

Finally the radiator which contains against the wall animations in the adult version,
Animated Radiator

You can purchase the collection or individual elements on the Marketplace or in the  Main Store where group discount applies.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Bird by KiX

After a runaway success or flyaway success at the FREAKSHOW Carnivale,  Bird is now available to purchase on the MARKET PLACE

This version of Bird from KiX is an avatar attachment.. That means you can use it on sims where you don't have permission to rez items.  Exploring is so much more fun when using Bird to soar above the world below.
Come and admire this fantastic creation in the MAIN STORE today

Sunday, 6 November 2016

How many shopping days until Christmas??!!!

Not a problem, we have it sorted.  Take to your bed and stay until it's all over with our Christmas Kama bed.

It is sleek and stylish in chrome and leather with seasonal coordinated pillows. Available in both Adult (300 L$) and PG (100 L$) this bed contains original and exclusive KiX animations.  The adult version also showcases 3 original sequences each over 15 minutes in length. Both versions have plenty of props including a duvet to keep out the cold.

Naughty and nice!  Grab your copy today from the MARKET PLACE or from the MAIN STORE where you can see the demo.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

FREAKSHOW Carnivale - KiX Exclusives

The FREAKSHOW - Carnivale opens on 28th October and you can read all about the event, the shopping and all the planned events HERE

KiX has 2 entries in this event.  The frst is Bird. 

Bird is an avatar attachment you can ADD and use your fly controls to explore sims from the air making for some interesting photo opportunities.

Our other entry in the carnivale is the PG version of the Monster couch

Both these items will be exclusive and discounted for the duration of the event so please come by and visit and explore this amazing sim build.  

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The land impact is what??!! - New Release

We had a lot of customer requests for more grunge.  So here it is and the land impact will astound you. It's just 2.  YES TWO!

Available in both adult and pg versions the grunge couch comes with 6 texture changes, numerous props and exclusive KiX animations. Materials enabled to make the most of advanced lighting, this couch is perfect for so many environments.

Come and check it out for yourself in the Main Store  or for more details see the Marketplace listing.
Group member discount for inworld purchases

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Monster Sofa

This sofa is fun, cheeky and a little bit different.

You are going to love this in your Halloween set up or all year round for something a little eclectic.and diverse.  As usual it is designed with original, exclusive KiX mesh and animations and this one is adult only.  (Surprise coming for the PG version later)

The most amazing thing is this sofa is just 2 LI.  That's right just a land impact of TWO!

Check it out for yourself at the Main Store or Market Place

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Halloween At KiX

 Come on down to KiX this Halloween and discover The Tower, a dedicated spooky spot for images, ghost hunting and to demo the Halloween items.

Grab a copy of the group gift; a pumpkin version of the Kama Bed 

 Or the special edition of the cozy old sofa in adult or PG versions.  All of these can be seen inside The Tower but watch out for the rats and creepy crawlies.

But there is more!  Until 1st November 2016 the Gothic Heart Lounger will be half price.for both the adult and PG version.

Keep reading - there is even more!

Starting on 1st October the Rattle My Bones hunt comes to KiX for which we have a cheeky little submission to search out in the store.

So all you need to do now is come on over to the new sim and get spooky with us this Halloween

KiX Aura Sofa - All Colours

The Aura Sofa is the first in a series of coordinated Bauhaus style furniture with sumptuous leather cushions to suit contemporary taste, complimented by a stylish and elegant chrome frame.
Available from the Main Store or Market Place in both adult and PG verions in onyx, ivory, chocolate, sapphire, pistachio and raspberry

Sunday, 25 September 2016

KiX Aura Sofa in Ivory

The next colour in the Aura collection is ivory: a lustrous, white tone leather with a sleek and stylish chrome frame in both adult and PG versions.

The Aura sofa is 100% original and exclusive materials enabled mesh with KiX original and exclusive animations including many new ones with lots of new props too.  You can test the demo in the Main Store or purchase from the Market Place

Other colours in the range include onyx, sapphire, raspberry, chocolate and pistachio. Other items in the collection to be release over the coming weeks  include an armchair, table and lamp.