Thursday, 28 January 2016

KiX Group Gift

Released today in time for Valentine's Day - The KiX Valentine Party Pack.

The banner has a texture change menu.The balloon a colour change menu and all items are modify to resize to your needs. The string lights can be recoloured by edit link parts and changing the mesh colour of the lights.

nb resizing increases the land impact

Grab your copy with an active KiX group tag in the main store now

Monday, 25 January 2016

A Heart Is Not Just For Valentine's Day...

.... and KiX has that sorted for you with our new release out today: The KiX Heart Lounger. This comes in many options and themes to suit all year round.

1.  The multi theme version which is available in both adult and PG and contains all the themes available to choose from a menu button.

2. The Purple version (adult and pg)

3. The Outdoor version (adult and pg)

4. The Beach version (adult and pg)

5. The Goth vesion (adult and pg)

6. The Fur version (adult and pg)

It's worth mentioning that if you buy the adult version of any theme including the multi theme, you get a free pg version as part of our Valentine promotion.

All versions contain new props available to rez and derezz from the menu to set your scene; champagne, chocolates, hearts, lantern and fairy lights.  The fairy lights and lantern also contain a separate menu when you click them offering many lighting options.

With so many choices and features to tell you about, we suggest you pop over to the main store to try out a demo  KiX Main Store  Rember with an active group tag you also get a 10% discount