Thursday, 29 September 2016

Halloween At KiX

 Come on down to KiX this Halloween and discover The Tower, a dedicated spooky spot for images, ghost hunting and to demo the Halloween items.

Grab a copy of the group gift; a pumpkin version of the Kama Bed 

 Or the special edition of the cozy old sofa in adult or PG versions.  All of these can be seen inside The Tower but watch out for the rats and creepy crawlies.

But there is more!  Until 1st November 2016 the Gothic Heart Lounger will be half price.for both the adult and PG version.

Keep reading - there is even more!

Starting on 1st October the Rattle My Bones hunt comes to KiX for which we have a cheeky little submission to search out in the store.

So all you need to do now is come on over to the new sim and get spooky with us this Halloween

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