Saturday, 22 October 2016

FREAKSHOW Carnivale - KiX Exclusives

The FREAKSHOW - Carnivale opens on 28th October and you can read all about the event, the shopping and all the planned events HERE

KiX has 2 entries in this event.  The frst is Bird. 

Bird is an avatar attachment you can ADD and use your fly controls to explore sims from the air making for some interesting photo opportunities.

Our other entry in the carnivale is the PG version of the Monster couch

Both these items will be exclusive and discounted for the duration of the event so please come by and visit and explore this amazing sim build.  

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The land impact is what??!! - New Release

We had a lot of customer requests for more grunge.  So here it is and the land impact will astound you. It's just 2.  YES TWO!

Available in both adult and pg versions the grunge couch comes with 6 texture changes, numerous props and exclusive KiX animations. Materials enabled to make the most of advanced lighting, this couch is perfect for so many environments.

Come and check it out for yourself in the Main Store  or for more details see the Marketplace listing.
Group member discount for inworld purchases

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Monster Sofa

This sofa is fun, cheeky and a little bit different.

You are going to love this in your Halloween set up or all year round for something a little eclectic.and diverse.  As usual it is designed with original, exclusive KiX mesh and animations and this one is adult only.  (Surprise coming for the PG version later)

The most amazing thing is this sofa is just 2 LI.  That's right just a land impact of TWO!

Check it out for yourself at the Main Store or Market Place