Sunday, 5 February 2017

A Valentine Seduction

So here are my tips to get him to pop the question this Valentine's Day (this could work for you too guys).  

Step 1.  Using the KiX Rose Rug find a romantic spot.  I decided on a little area in the woods to get an ethereal feeling going. Of course the outfit had to fit in too, hair, flowers, a girl has to look right for these moments. Let's start with inviting him over for a chat.

Step 2.  Get him drunk urm  relaxed with his favorite beer

Step 3.  Cuddles and dropping some hints with props

Step 4.  You might have to put out at this point depending on how things are going 

Step 5.  Repeat steps 2 and 4 if necessary and then..

Step 6.  Mission accomplished! Let's celebrate!!

This rug is stuffed full of animations and props, original and exclusive to KiX.  It has a texture change menu to change your rose and can fit into many environments.  Currently it has a promotion offer on the Marketplace where if you buy the adult rug, you get the PG version free.  The rug also comes in different styles including a fur version and a plaid version.

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