Saturday, 7 October 2017


Released today with a special group member discount when bought in the Main Store

There are 3 versions available:  Adult, PG and a decor only version

This exclusive and original old ruin will slip perfectly into your setting. It will enhance your woodland, underwater or even mountain top and includes many scene setting props including rain, sun and moon beams and lighting and animations for dancing, meditation, naughty things or just hanging around chatting and cuddling. I strongly suggest you look at a demo to take in all the features.

Remember - 50% Discount in the Main Store until Midday slt on Monday 9th October 2017

Check out full details on the marketplace Adult version  PG Version  Decor Only Version

Friday, 6 October 2017

Down At The Bottom of the Garden.....

Behind The Dirty Old Shed.
Down at the bottom of the garden there are illicit happenings. Is it a cheeky stolen kiss or a secret tryst? This dirty old shed will blend perfectly into your outdoor scene with a choice of 5 different textures and disguise all your naughty rendezvous 
Of course its all original KiX mesh and original KiX animations too

It starts off innocently enough


Then things get very frisky
There's a demo in the Main Store or go direct to the Marketplace.  Also in the range in matching textures is The Old Wooden Gazebo  The Japanese Bridge and the Bench and Shelter

Is it time to put your garden tools away?