Tuesday, 16 January 2018

KiX Lover's Heart Bed - Well Valentine's Day is coming

Sometimes it is good to take an older popular item and jazz it up and we have done that big time with our Lover's Heart Bed.  New textures to make full use of materials, a shed load of new animations, new props and a new all female version as we have been asked many many times to provide a girl/girl version of our products.

Even bigger news,  these beds are available to all group members for half price until Sunday 21st January 2018 in either PG, Adult or Girl/Girl versions.
I have included a few pictures on this blog but for a larger range of pictures follow this link to our Flickr Lover's Heart Bed album

We have added some romantic scene setting props such as chocolates, heart emitter and rose petals with with pearls.  We have doubled the content of animations and you should really grab a copy before the half price offer ends ready for romantic moments this Valentine's Day

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