Saturday, 15 September 2018

KiX Silk Boho Sofa for Blueprint Event September

oming to Blueprint Home and Garden Event on 18th September
The KiX original mesh Silk Boho Sofa is a luxurious yet quirky, bohemian style pallet sofa for those looking to be unconventional yet chic with their setting.
Filled with KiX original animations plus some of the best bento animations available from 3rd parties for friendly interactions, cuddles and fun.

Included is the pallet table which rezzes props including incense, drinks and more. (available to purchase separately or with the sofa)

Both the sofa and table wood have 6 texture change options

The sofa is available in Adult or PG Male/Female or Adult or PG Lesbian versions with an LI of 7  (8 for lesbian adult)

The table LI is 4 and is available to purchase separately

TP to Blueprint: Here