Wednesday, 10 October 2018

KiX Sutra BDSM Bed

Coming to XXX Original Event October, the KiX Sutra bed.

BDSM with style!  Chrome, leather,walnut and silk  This unique and original mesh bed is fully loaded with KiX original animations and props plus the best bento animations available from 3rd parties. It has RLV enabled for those who wish to use this function but fully usable without.  Control your sub placing her in display poses or make her dance for you as you relax.
The Sutra Bed contains authentic and erotic animations with intense foreplay, restraints and aftercare.

The bed uses RLV.  To use this feature the submissive needs to wear a relay such as a collar and have an RLV enabled viewer.  This means you can restrict the sub from the menu and use other RLV commands such as strip etc.
You do NOT need this to use this bed, The bed is fully functional without it but it does add to the experience for those who wish.

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