Sunday, 9 June 2019

KiX Leaf Boats for Midsummer Enchantment

::: KiX Leaf Boat  [MF or FF PG]
╚═══════════ KiX ═════╝

The KiX Leaf Boat is perfect to enhance your woodland or pond settings.  This original mesh leaf is enhanced with KiX original and exclusive animations and is bento enabled which can be turned on or off for hands and faces via a button.  It could fit right in to elven roleplay or as a wonderful addition to any outdoor space to give a special place to cuddle or just sit and relax. The leaf boat also has a huge prop menu including relaxing sounds, butterflies, fairy dust and more. 

Teleport to Midsummer Enchantment


Original KiX Mesh
Original KiX Animations
Bento enabled (on/off button)
Huge scene setting prop menu
Smooth change of animations 
Low land impact of 5 
Copy/Mod perms 
Optimised menu - For easy use 
Easily adjustable positions to fit most avatar sizes and shapes 
AVsitter Additions: Auto-assign by gender places you in the right animation when you first sit 
Enable experiences in your land settings means no more notifications to attach a prop. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

KiX Water Lillies for Boardwalk Event

Whether you are Fae, Nymph or just have a pond to fill, our new water lily is perfect for you.  They come in bento and non bento versions in the pack and there are 4 versions to choose from
Adult – male/female
PG – male/female
Adult – female/female
PG – female/female

Land Impact – 6

Many props included in menu; Fairy dust, Bubbles, Butterflies, Dandelions, Wind chimes (with sound), Music flower (with sound), Enchanted Flower (with sound), Lantern
Exclusively at Boardwalk Event 15th May with a 50% EVENT DISCOUNT
Taxi to Boardwalk

Saturday, 13 April 2019

KiX Utopia Master's Toy Box for XXX Event - April

Introducing the Utopia Master's Toy Box for XXX Event.

The Utopia Master's Toy Box is fully loaded with KiX original animations, the best available 3rd party animations, RLV, props and LockGuard.
The Utopia Toy Box is BDSM cage with brass, leather and silk combining to add class to any setting as you indulge in your kinky bondage desires. Master can choose to put his sub away while he works and relaxes or bring her out to play, dance for you or perform in other ways.
Knowledge of RLV functions is a huge plus using this cage though not a requirement.  Capture your sub and lock her in the cage using the CONTROL feature.  She needs to be wearing an RLV relay such as a collar.

The Toy Box has bento hand and face animations which can be turned on and off via the menu

Available with a 20% discount at XXX Event from 13th April 2019