Saturday, 13 April 2019

KiX Utopia Master's Toy Box for XXX Event - April

Introducing the Utopia Master's Toy Box for XXX Event.

The Utopia Master's Toy Box is fully loaded with KiX original animations, the best available 3rd party animations, RLV, props and LockGuard.
The Utopia Toy Box is BDSM cage with brass, leather and silk combining to add class to any setting as you indulge in your kinky bondage desires. Master can choose to put his sub away while he works and relaxes or bring her out to play, dance for you or perform in other ways.
Knowledge of RLV functions is a huge plus using this cage though not a requirement.  Capture your sub and lock her in the cage using the CONTROL feature.  She needs to be wearing an RLV relay such as a collar.

The Toy Box has bento hand and face animations which can be turned on and off via the menu

Available with a 20% discount at XXX Event from 13th April 2019

Monday, 1 April 2019

KiX Spring Sale

Main Store Sale
Half Price on All In the Outdoor Range
1st-15th April 2019
Excludes Gift Cards
Excludes Beach Range
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