TOS and Store Policies

Due to certain Linden Lab permissions limitations some of our props have to have copy transfer permissions in our furniture. No KiX creation, including props, animations and textures are to be sold on or passed out freely to others unless specifically stated.

As our items are copy no transfer, we do not refund unless it is a case of double purchase. Transaction details must be supplied.

Some of our items are no modify. We strongly suggest you test inworld to make sure you are aware of what you are buying. Please do not ask for changes as it is rare we can meet all requests and we will treat this as a custom request which will be charged for.

We do not transfer purchases to an alt account.

Redeliveries can be obtained from the terminal in the main store.

Demos of all items are available before purchase in the main store.

Gift cards cannot be combined, refunded or exchanged. You can top up cards at the terminal in the store or add L$ during a purchase.

After 1st January 2018 there will be a 50L$ charge to join the KiX Group.  This gets you access to multiple benefits including gifts, L$ raffle,  50% vendor discount for first 48 hours of a new release.  If you leave the group you will have to pay if you want to rejoin.

Upon purchasing anything from KiX you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and protection of our intellectual property. Failure to read and understand our TOS does not exempt you from them. You can always contact Cindy Evanier to clarify

Please be respectful of our TOS  as much time and effort has gone into giving you a high quality and affordable item.

*updated 8th December 2017

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